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Tecadi Transport opens new branch, now in Paranaguá (PR)

  • Tecadi Transport opens new branch, now in Paranaguá (PR)

    The port of Paranaguá has turned 85 years in May 2018, and has presented impressive results throughout the year. Investments made since 2011 reflected a 33% increase in grain discharges, the main operation of the site, but there was also an increase in the diversification of the client portfolio. All this is the result of large investments in infrastructure, operational improvements and the increase in the number of employees, which guaranteed the port of Paraná a growth of 14% in cargo movements in 2017, compared to 8% of the national average.

    In this way, Tecadi Transportes announces the inauguration of a new headquarters in the city of Paranaguá (PR), to meet more efficiently the demand of customers that import or export through this port. The new office has a dedicated service team, and is strategically located, only 5 km away from the Port of Paranaguá.

    The subsidiary offers container, chassis or dry cargo vehicles equipped with the latest in the market, bringing greater safety and agility to our customers.

    Tecadi Transportes also has its headquarters in Itajaí (SC), branches in Curitiba (PR), Santa Cruz do Sul (RS), Itapoá (SC), and plans to open more branches in other states in Brazil in 2018.

    Service Information:
    Tecadi Transport – Paranaguá Branch
    Phone: (41) 99184 8243
    E-mail: transportespng@tecadi.com.br
    Address: Avenida Ayrton Senna da Silva, 4268 – Room 2 – Emboguaçu, Paranaguá – PR, CEP 83209-100


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